Games Workshop paints.

Games Workshop paints. Summary

Every single available colour from the Games Workshop range.

Owners Valuation

£240 (to replace)

Every colour is available at a price of £2.30 for one pot. There are a total of 106 pots in my collection, so simple mathematics tells me that to replace the entire set would cost £243.80

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Collection Details

Games Workshop is a British company that sells scale miniature models. These models are assembled and painted by the customer, for use in table-top war games.

The figures are in the sphere of what is commonly refered to as 'fantasy'. Ie. Dragons, Wizards, Orcs, Elves etc.. By contrast, there are different 'worlds' within Games Workshop. The details of which I won't go into, but suffice to say that you can purchase a wide variety of models rangin from a humble Orc, to a Deadly Space Marine, and even a Ring Wraith or Balrog from the Lord of the Rings universe.

But I digress..

The collection I present here, is that of the paints that Games Workshop produce in order to paint the models.
Each paint has a name to represent its colour. eg. Bleached Bone, Blood Red, Dark Angels Green, Burnt Orange... etc. As you can see from the photos, some names are rather creative, and one or two are rather gross. lol.

Anyways. Here is my collection. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and one more thing...

"Tonight I shall spice my mead with Goblin blood!" ☆

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