Scottish Golf Museum

Scottish Golf Museum Summary

Virtual collection of modern day golf memorablia

Owners Valuation

Due to the uniqueness of collection impossible to estimate value of collection. Runs into 10's of thousands of pounds. Many items irreplaceable.

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Collection Details

I have been collecting golf memorabilia for over 15 years and have managed to obtain 1000's of items. It is my hope one day to put my collection permanent display. Until then I have created a website to display my collection. I belive it is the largest online golf museum.

It can be viewed at

The site took me a year to develop. I took all the photographs and designed the website myself.

Please fell free to leave a meassge on my visitor page.

If you have any items you think would enhance my collection please fell free to contact me.

I have posted some of my favourite items to share with you.

Please rate my collection based on my website if at all possible.

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