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A collection of Artglass... Italian, Maltese, British and a few unknowns, from the1930s to present date.

Owners Valuation

5,000GBP plus

Things are only worth what people are prepared to pay for them but saying that there are some very desirable pieces amongst my collection. I have built this collection up over the last 15 years or so and I hope you enjoy looking at it. 5000GBP plus

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Collection Details

British Glass maker Michael Harris opened a Glass Factory in Malta in 1968 called Mdina glass, he left in 1972 but the factory is still producing glass today. My collection has 7 items of Mdina glass they are the first 7 pieces pictured.

After leaving Mdina in 1972 or more accurately being forced out by the Maltese government, In 1973 Michael Harris opened the Isle of Wight Glass factory. He had two sons that are both master glass makers, Timothy Harris and Jonathan Harris, Timothy is running the Isle of Wight glass factory and Jonathan Harris has his own studio. Both sons have done their late father proud with their master glass blowing skills.

Most of the rest of my collection is Murano Glass from Italy a little from the 30s and the rest 50s and 60s two or three pieces I am not quite sure who made them but they are all very good quality not just tourist glass.

I built up My collection over the last 15 years or so , buying a lot of the glass from different parts of the world mostly via the internet, from the UK to Australia to Germany including the USA and Canada.

It is amazing how far good quality Art glass travels the world from Italy in 60 or more years. With the internet the world has become a small place.

I must add though that the Wonderful "Undercliff" vase made by Timothy Harris from the Isle of Wight Glass was actually made this year 2011 but it is probably the most attractive and technically difficult to make piece in my collection, such is Timothys skill as a master of the art of glass blowing and design.

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