Various Items worn by James Bond

Various Items worn by James Bond Summary

A small collection of a few items I wear in everyday life that were also worn or used by James Bond.

Owners Valuation

1500 GBP

That is my valuation but they are not for sale as I enjoy wearing them
Watch 900GBP, Pen 250GBP, 2x Persol Glasses 200GBP phone 20GBP 2xblue tint glasses 130GBP Goldfinger suit 350GBP

Featured Items

Collection Details

Front left... a pair of blue glasses similar to the x-ray glasses ones worn by Pierce Brosnans Bond in "The World is not Enough". I had these made!

Front right... a Montblanc 149 meisterstuck pen (This was seen in Connerys unofficial Bond film) "Never Say Never Again", His had been defaced by having a union Jack painted on the barrel.) He has a prototype pen that fires explosive charges, he shoots a Bond Villain girl called Fatima Blush with it just in time before she shoots him. At first the explosive charge does not detonate but just as she is going to kill Bond it explodes blowing her to pieces a few second later than he expected.

I think it unfair that "Never Say Never Again" gets a negative from most Bond fans and critics and although technically it is a remake of Thunderball, I enjoyed watching it and the Late great Pat Roach is awesome in size and stature in one of the best fight scenes in a Bond film albeit unnoficial.

Front centre...A great example of a Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Automatic model no. 2531.80 as worn by Pierce Brosnans Bond in 3 of his 4 movies. In his first film GoldenEye he wore the Quartz model 2541.80.

Far left...a pair of Persol 2244 sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig as Bond in the Bahamas sequences of Casino Royale.

Far centre...another pair of blue tint galsses with replica Brosnan Bond ID card from "The World is not Enough", purchased from "The Spy Boys online shop".

Far right...a pair of Persol 2720 sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig as Bond in the rest of Casino Royale.

All of these Items are in good used condition and I wear them all the time, especially the Sunglasses as I live in the sunny Algarve.

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