Jedimom's Star Wars Collection

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A little bit of everything Star Wars. Figures, books, magazines, posters, autographs, cookie jars, plenty of ephemera.

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I am trying to be conservative. I know loose modern is not worth much at this time.

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All sorts of stuff. Started collecting in 1977 but much of my early stuff did not survive so I don't have much vintage anymore. Unfortunately when I moved in with my husband, boxes of my things were stored in my in-law's basement which flooded. I lost many items, including my very first item that I personally bought with money I earned, a MOC ROTJ Han Solo in Trench with coin. I kept that one MOC. However, since I was a girl, I did not get Star Wars toys for Christmas or birthdays sincethey were BOY toys. I did get a few books and magazines, posters and arts and craft items though. I still have my very first ever Star Wars item - the novelization of the movie by "George Lucas" (but we know was ghost written by Alan Dean Foster). SO after the flood I basically had to start anew, hence the more modern collection. I do have a few vintage (many 12" figures) and am slowly trying to replace those (but my funds are very limited).

Young (prequel) Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite charcter, as noted by the small focus I have on him -- some 56 figures, statues, etc.

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