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My collection of Vintage Star Wars action figures and vehicles

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Just a rough estimate would probably cost me more if I needed to replace them.

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Like most other kids of the 1970's I was mesmerised by the phenomenon of Star Wars. As a kid all I wanted to do was emulate these characters in play and when Kenner released their first round of action figures in 1978 to compliment the film, imaginations of kids everywhere went wild.

I remember having a Luke Sky Walker and Chewbacca from the first film along with Boba Fett, Han Solo and a few others from The Empire Strikes Back, but it wasn't until the Return of The Jedi that my parents decided to spoil me with an AT-ST ( Chicken Walker ) and speeder bike of which would be my all time favourite Star Wars toys.

As the years past unlike other kids who looked after their toys, mine met their fate either buried in the dirt or broken in some horrific fall from the tallest tree in our backyard.

Some twenty years later Pierre Morad Omidyar invented ebay and my love for Vintage Star Wars toys was reignited with a chance discovery of a vintage speeder bike. Much to my wife's frustration it has continued over the following years and turned into the collection you see pictured above. Although it is fairly modest in size compared to others it brings me great joy reliving my childhood and reminds me of how much more my parents could have spent if they weren't so mean. Only kidding, no I'm not!


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