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Pleases me to share my collection of games consoles representing the last 40 or so years in gaming entertainment. The collection includes 20 consoles and over 500 games. My personal favourite is Nintendo, but I'm starting to appreciate SEGA more now!

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Welcome everybody to Fawksey's 40 Years of gaming, my personal collection of video game consoles and games from the late 70's, through the 80's and 90's and into the new Millennium. Who'd of thought video gaming would have come so far from those early days of 8-bit graphics and tape-decks.

My gaming interest started with the Nintendo Entertainment System, Christmas 1987. My friend had shown me Super Mario Bros. and I was hooked. Money was tight back then and I only had a few games, but boy did I play them. The NES Unit shown in the collection is not my original, unfortunately mine died in the early 90's. Before this I was the proud owner of a Commadore 16, but frankly it wasn't up to much and crashed most of the time.

The collection started in 2010 after we'd cleaned out the attic and found some of my old consoles. It's really rewarding to turn them on and have a quick game of Street Fighter Turbo or Golden Axe.

It now consists of the following Consoles:


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Nintendo 64 (N64)
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Switch


Master System 2
Mega Drive
Mega Drive 2
Saturn (with a dodgy spindle)


Playstation 1
PS One
Playstation 2 (Silver and Black)
Playstation 2 Slim (Pink)
Playstation 2 Slim Japanese (Black)
Playstation 4


XBOX360 (2 Versions)




Have look though some of the individual items to see the games collection that goes with each console. I'm slowly adding to these and would be interested to here from you if you've got any to swop or sell.

I welcome comments and feedback on where the collection should go next!
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Well here goes guys. Im holding my breath slightly as I introduce my pride and joy. A collection of consoles and games both modern and retro.

Its not quite finished yet but I think there is enough to introduce it to you guys.


Please be kind with your comments....

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