General Sale Spring 2015

General Sale Spring 2015 Summary

A collection of items that we intend to sell solely on this site. This is part of our continued efforts to build the on-line community through various promotions. A few nice items that have been accumulated over many years of hunting.

Owners Valuation

Up to the bidder!

Bid whatever you think is best value for the item. Please be aware that we will only sell to users of this site, preferably Founder Member Pin Badge owners.

Featured Items

Collection Details

A collection of oddities, rarities and generally interesting items to tempt your fancy. The sale forms part of our continued commitment to the development of the RateMyCollection on-line community. The sale is restricted to users of the site, preferably those individual collectors that have supported the site in its early stages of development and have thus qualified for a Found Member Pin Badge.

All bids are welcome no matter how small and will be given serious consideration. Bids to be made via the corresponding forum thread (see below for details).

Not got your Founder Member Pin Badge yet? Why not? Don't worry we've only issued 18 out of a possible 500 so act now and get yours.

Anyhow on with the sale.

Lot 1 - Great Western Railway Hat Badge

Lot 2 - 1940 E.R. Watts & Sons Director No 9 Mk 1

Lot 3 - 1989 Edition WORLD WAR II (50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition) Ivor Mantle *PLUS* 5 Commemorative Stamps.

Lot 4 - 2 Railway Pins. N.U.R and TYPHOON RHDR

More to follow through Apr-15
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Lot No. 2 1940 E.R. Watts & Son Director No. 9 Mk 1
Reserve - £10
Postage - £5 UK second class.

Full Item Description -
Lot 1 - Great Western Railway Hat Badge / Pin :o

Reserve £3 :shock:
Postage UK £3

Full item description -

Please make a bid here or get in touch via private messaging.
Role up, role up. Some nice items on offer here! Rock bottom reserves!
Everything must go by the end of Mar-15.

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