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Here we go again! My daughters collection of Shopkin Toys and Play-sets. She is absolutely made for these at the moment and by the rate at which they are selling out in the local shop, I guess everybody else it too. Darn you Youtube.

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My 6 year old daughters shopking collection presented in its full glory. She's amassed a few now and I remembered I found this site when my eldest son was collecting Wii Games, so I thought what the heck lets show the world.

I'm not sure where this craze come from, she just rocked up one day and said 'mommy can I get some Shopkins, please? I suspect this has something to do with Youtube marketing, but she plays nicely with them so who can argue!

Each pack comes with a catalogue leaflet and there are some pretty neat little guys in there. If your looking for any advice, look for the 5 packs with the see through cover. This avoid the tears that normally occur when they open the blind basket to find they already have that particular model, edition, shopkin (or whatever is the correct terminology).

There's not a great deal to the play-sets but their not overly expensive and there is some merit in their simplicity. They've sure kept our daughter entertained.

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