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This is my Family Guy Collection. I have been a huge Family Guy fan for years and at February 2011, I thought about making a collection of Family Guy. And today it is looking amazing and most merchandises are rare to find.

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My collection is priceless, cannot add a price for it. All of my merchandises are in mint condition and never been used apart from a few figurines.

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My entire collection is less than 2 years old. I started my collection from February 2011 and today, I'm still collecting. My collection is based on my favorite comedy animated TV sitcom Family Guy. I have bought many figures of the TV characters including Peter Griffin, Chris Griffin, Lois Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Ernie the Giant Chicken, The Evil Monkey and The Golden Clam. I also own 3 Family Guy desk, wall and everyday 2012 calendars. My collection is mixed with all sorts of merchandises related to Family Guy. My goal is to get all the figure but, those are extremely hard to find in the UK. This means, that the figures I already own are rare and valuable.

I also own Family Guy accessories which are Family Guy key-chain and Family Guy cuff links. I also have Family Guy games such as Family Guy Video Game, Family Guy playing cards, mobile game books and toys. My collection is a important part in my life because it's very rewarding to achieve such a big collection and, I just love looking at it in my display glass. To collect Family Guy is kinda odd because, many people are not obsessed with it but, I guess this makes me special because, I own allot of Stuffs and am obsessed. My collection has been seen by hundreds of people on YouTube and I have recently made A Facebook page for my collection.

I have used the name FamilyGuyStuffs because it represents my collection and me. Example: I have Stuffs related to Family Guy therefore, I called my self FamilyGuyStuffs. So, overall my collection is a important part in my life because I have spent allot of money and time hunting for these merchandises. Lastly, my collection lives in the corner of my room making it enjoyable to look at. Thanks for reading people! I hope you 'love' my collection.

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