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Nintendo 64 (N64)

Nintendo 64 (N64)
Nintendo 64 (N64) Nintendo 64 (N64)


The next item in the collection, the Nintendo 64, so called for its 64 bit processing power. I didn't own one of these back in the day, It was my rebellious teenage years and I'd strayed from Nintendo to the new kid on the block!

The N64 went up against the commercial might of Sony and its Playstation. Looking back it did OK, with some fantastic titles. I recall going round to friends to play Rogue Squadron and 007.

I still like to play the former today.

This unit is Model No. NUS-001 (EUR) dated 1996, 1997.

Games include:

Rogue Squadron (Good Boxed Condition)
Body Harvest (Good Boxed Condition)
Extreme G (Boxed no manual)

Not boxed:

007 Golden Eye
NBA Hand Time
San Francisco Rush
Fifa 98
Virtual Pool 64
Perfect Dark

Looking for:
Pokemon, Star Wars - anything really!

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